2014: Good Year for a Great War?

Precisely a hundred years ago today, the richest man in the world sent New Year’s greetings to a thousand of the most influential leaders in the U.S. and Europe announcing: mission accomplished. The year 2014 won’t be good for a new war but instead it should be a good year for people to come together and work as a team with one another and help out disasters that are arising in this world, it’s only time that all the leaders in this world say stop to all of this, they have that power. all the richest people in this world, and political leaders have the power to stop all the disasters out their but what keeps wars from continuing ? It’s Obviously the whole point here that powerful people in this world don’t agree with other people of the same power. But its not to say that they are bad people they are just very stubborn in their own sense to want what they cant have so they fight for it and it puts every bodies lives at steak. How many people want wars, nobody does obviously we all hate it but we can’t stop them so easily either so it takes a time and on both ends it takes a lot of politics to deal out the world issues to do with these wars. If the forecast shows that wars will be starting for 2014 then 2015’s outcome might call out for peace perhaps.

Their are so many leaders in this world that are doing their best to keep their justice at peace with every figure around them and to share and be kind with one another. Their are leaders who are stubborn and want more and more out of what they cant have so they just keep persisting on the fact that they have to fight for something that puts so many people at risk. This all depends on what the people of the country say as well everyone has a voice and in most democratic societies people want to share what their thoughts are about the world and how it should end up. If your aiming at a positive way of thinking that people want the best for this world their is hope. We live in a beautiful world so lets see how 2014 will play out along with 2015.