Apple’s InSight feature for Apple TV Plus will tell you who that actor is

Apple’s tvOS, the software that runs on the company’s Apple TV streaming devices, is rarely a big focus at WWDC. But it’s still getting a few new features this fall.

Apple TV’s Enhance Dialogue feature, which arrived with iOS 17, will now use machine learning for “greater vocal clarity,” said Ron Huang, VP of sensing and connectivity at Apple, during the WWDC event today. Support for Enhance Dialogue, which separates the dialogue from the background noise so you can better hear what is being said over the sound effects and music, is also coming to more TV speakers and receivers along with AirPods and other Bluetooth devices. It was previously only available with an Apple TV 4K paired with a second-gen HomePod.

A new InSight feature for Apple TV Plus will show details about the actors as well as the show’s soundtrack, so you can add tracks to Apple Music right from the remote. The feature will also work with the iPhone as a TV remote. However, InSight is limited to Apple TV Plus original shows and movies.

Another new feature is that you can set subtitles to automatically appear when you mute the TV or when you skip back.

The company is also adding support for 21:9 projectors, so you can view widescreen movies “exactly as the directors intended.” And a new Snoopy screensaver is arriving that lets the playful pup spring to life through animations when your TV is idle.

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Source: The Verge Apple’s InSight feature for Apple TV Plus will tell you who that actor is