'Big Brother Canada' Season 4 Week 7 Recap: Three Become Two

**NOTE: This recap contains spoilers for “Big Brother Canada” season 4.

After “mad scientist” Mitch Mofitt’s dramatic farewell, all eyes were on The Big 3: Kelsey Faith, Jared Kessler and Raul Manriquez. Which is why it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when week seven Head Of Household, Maddy Pavle put Kessler and Faith up for eviction.

What was a shocker is that both managed to survive another week. After winning his second POV of the game, Kessler saved himself from eviction, with a little lot of help from Manriquez.

Unfortunately for Manriquez, he was repaid by being placed back on the block next to his “best friend” Faith. But unlike week three, when the two were put up against each other, Manriquez knew this time he’d have to campaign against Faith.

And campaign he did, burning bridges with Kessler in the process. Still Manriquez was eliminated in a six to one vote. Guess he should stick to styling instead of sales.

All in all it was a slow week in the BBCAN Grand, with just a few highlights including U.K. contestant Nikki Grahame finally getting her first taste of slop, and another wildcard twist which gave viewers a little bit of power to influence the game.

During Wednesday night’s episode, host Arisa Cox announced the twist which allowed Canadian fans to vote for the contestant they wanted as HOH.

After Canada voted for Grahame and Ottawa-based brothers Nick and Phillipe Paquette, the rest of the house played roulette to determine the winner. Or in this case winners, since the Paquette brothers will be sharing the HOH room.

Will week eight see the end of a showmance or are one of the ‘outcasts’ on their way out? Only time will tell.

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