Bird Construction Net Worth

Bird Construction Net Worth

Bird Construction Net WorthNet Worth: $477.35 Million



About Bird Construction

Bird Construction is a leading Canadian building company with an estimated net worth of $477.35 Million. The company was founded in 1920 and grew its cliental since. The company continues to do work with existing clients since its founding date making it an authoritative footprint in the industry.

Reflecting its broad scope, Bird’s clients include leading firms that are in the energy, mining, commercial, institutional, retail, multi-tenant residential, industrial, water and wastewater, renewables, nuclear, and civil sectors.

Today, Bird is a publicly traded corporation with employees forming a strong shareholder group. This enhances the degree to which employees at all levels commit to their clients. A hands-on approach to the business has given Bird an edge in being able to make decisions quickly and to adapt to the requirements of their clients.