Canada is the best

Living in the second largest country is not only why Canada is the greatest, but with the very little population we have compared to the city of New York, we are a growing welcoming country to all fellow immigrants. Conquered by the British, built by the Italian’s their is no question out their that Canada has so much opportunity to grow thanks to all the large builders out their with the incentive of giving back to it’s people. With Mr. Harper and the premiere of Ontario looking for ways to give start ups the chance to grow in order to boom the economy, in other countries such opportunities don’t quite exist. With multiculturalism in place of the greatest city in the world Toronto, their is no question that other cultures have something to bring to the table which makes this country so great. Like said before opportunity makes a country so great and Canada does a good job in doing so. Rob Ford god rest that mans soul, he’s led a very successful time in saving money for the city and hes been a really great mayor,  their is so much greatness in the people of this country it’s unbelievable how this country for so young came this far. The Oil sands out in Alberta are Canada’s precious resources and the Corporations process the greatness of economical heights of growth. Our GDP is strong and we are a great country with good credit to provide we have great believe ability by other countries to do business with. Our importing and exporting models that we bring business with other countries are efficient and respectful to outsiders and are fair. Our educational systems, public areas, and any where you go in Canada is perfectly normal with the best people who are unique. If everything where to be the same this country would be boring. We have great sports teams and we have great entertainment to look forward to especially the pan am games that are coming up in 2015 that will be an excitement. In what is written Canada is in the growth stages to grow farther and farther then ever and new talents and entrepreneurs are yet to be discovered in this creative Canada that is so great.

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Our Great Lakes are just filled with beautiful soil and our waters are clean with richness to it, We are a very clean water resource for the world that is for a fact.

Sarah Horsfall Every year we save our pennies so that we can go on vacation and see foreign lands. Maybe it is time to consider Canada.

Mayor Rob Ford speaks to media after his meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty , Police Chief Bill Bl