Cool new site aggregator from multiple online sources

Theirs this cool new site that takes news from multiple online news worthy sources and places them all on one page refreshing the sources as they change to different colors. Its a very neat clean and easy way to find news headlines from all the worlds top digital news outlets. When you go on the site it’s amazing all you see is a headline, the source, and the permalink from the source. at the top right corner you will see a menu looking button, and a refresher to change quickly threw different sources. The text font is beautiful with the right color that blends in with the right background colors that rotate in the back seen. Red, green, and baby blue are among the nicest background colors in our preference used on the site’s creativeness. This aggregator is a must go to, and must be something every body should be interested in. It’s a cool new idea that “StumbleUpon” would like to call it “stumbled upon”. As all the other news sites are laid out, this one is laid out completely differently from all the others where most of the news sites now a day’s are designing their digital web properties like newspapers and books. Their are others that can compete with this idea where News sites will develop a way to capture other sources like this aggregator  seems to be doing and feeds them to one page including pagination additionally. These sites are somewhat newer advancements to the contributing factor of development and have played a popular roll in sites like, or Summly which was purchased by apple for $30 Million. Digg is all about selecting news stories from around the internet that get dug up by Digg fans, and Summly was a created algorithm that captured news sources that were summarized into simplistic stories from its news sources all around the web.

These were ideas that struck big and gained attention massively by media and regular users on the internet. With so much vast information on the web seems to be making it’s turn in revolutionizing how news is shared in this world. Yes In computing, a news aggregator, which is a feed aggregator, is a client software or a web application which aggregates syndicated web content such as online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs in one location for easy viewing. This idea has been out for a while, but how this idea is delivered is different from how the idea that is constructed. For example did you know that before Instagram was even Instagram, their were file manipulating software’s out their that created photo already filter effects to manipulate images like However this idea was already their from the start, it was just delivered differently, you can never assume that because something is already their it’s discovered, their are perks and new deficiencies to make better and improvements on. Theirs better ways to design and make those ideas function differently from what its existence is to better the service. It’s all about how you deliver that existing idea and revolutionize it’s opponent just like Markus Frind did when he created Plenty of Fish back in the 2,000’s. All he did was change his business model to “Free”, and away POF went. Facebook was not the first Social Network to ever exist on this planet, the only reason why Facebook is Facebook is because Facebook had major funding and a lucky strike of investors. Launched in 1996, was the internet’s first ever social networking service available way before Myspace and Facebook were ever thought of. was among the first social networking sites to appear on the Internet. It offered a wide range of unique services including a daily horoscope, chat rooms, message boards, tag books, photo albums, internet radio, browser games, blogs, e-cards, an instant messenger service, a clubs feature, and badges on user profiles. For what Bolt was it was way ahead for it’s time and the reason being that Bolt closed down was because their wasn’t enough luck with partnerships and lawsuits were heavy on the service that forced it into bankruptcy back in 2007. The point is that all these services can be developed and delivered differently from it originator, however being original and revolutionizing that can go successful. Visit now and check it out.