Dreams of owning an exotic

Have you ever dreamed about being able to touch a lion or anything exotic? But imagine even living with one. How about ever living with one of the worlds most deadliest specie ? How dangerous can this world get with people taking their chances to go to the extreme with pets. How extreme do people have to be. How crazy are people to go to this extent. What kind of food is that person eating, okay theirs some exception with saying that the animal is beautiful but isn’t it enough that people already domesticated dogs already jeez. what do people want ? everyone’s spoiled and they get killed out of it from a pet that they thought were their companion. It’s not the “pets” fault its the person’s fault they are sick in the head come on. People are sick, not the “pet’s”  it’s sick peoples fault who are screwed up in the F****** head. Like look at this sick lady thinking that the pet loves her, shes completely mental to think that and she’s completely sick, wait until that thing eats her to pieces. Mental, completely mental.
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Look at this other maniac thinking the same thing. Like seriously people you all know that these pets are not aloud to be domesticated, theirs literally millions of years vested into this animals well being of killing, that’s its instinct born and raised for that many years.
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Another idiot, look at him its not the animal again people. People love pressing their luck with their mental psychology attempts to make an animal submit, Poor animal it probably thinks the same way about how stupid these people can be.
Come people being sick again, as much as we all love animals leave the F****** dangerous ones alone come on….
People should literally be locked up in cages because they don’t want to accept life for what it is and respect it, they want to hurt themselves in the process of being stupid only because they have to prove to everyone that the animal loves them, it a F****** exotic pet, I  think humans are exotic in the head sometimes.
But its my friend I love him hes so cute look at him yeah the F****** thing is cute but stay far away from it and look at it at the zoo, ” but i love it i have to be different i have to buy it or take it home”, whichever the psycho path chooses, and thinks it loves him.
but look at what ends up happening, come on get with the program please…
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Like just sick, and then they wonder why, okay its understandable that accidents happen but people have to realize that you cant take those accidents back, this is your life.
And here she goes mental again after an animal took out her F****** head shes a stubborn ass idiot still pressing her luck, stay far from those things they are predators and its only human nature.
People please just be safe that’s the whole meaning behind all this because being safe is the most important thing in your life, some times life never gives you chances like what these people went threw but in all honesty sometimes people play with fire. So to stop this from occurring understanding these consequences will help you realize that you can be safer by living a normal F****** life. Thank’s people.