FunkyEdits just released their version 1.2 to the App Store


A new version release for FunkyEdits comes out and a cute new logo for the app too. theirs just so many new features built into this app it’s incredible it’s fun and cool at the same time. Theirs just so much to offer in this new version it’s got a lot to offer over the first version that was launched on November 18, 2014. The App is just totally redesigned from the ground up you couldn’t even tell if the previous version of the app was that app it’s almost impossible but this is a great thing, a new experience, a way new experience! In the old version you were only able to add up to 10 filters, a couple of frames, tweak the images saturation, and add text with icons that were placed for you without being able to control were you wanted to place them yourself by using pinching gestures. The choice between adding an overlay of frames on an image wasn’t allowed, A white frame was already over laid on your selected picture right after choosing it from your library or snapping a pic with your camera. You were only able to share to the usual social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and okay we at least have to say Instagram which is still a very rare case in most apps. But now, now you can do sooooooo much more. What’s even more rare about this new version is that you can share your edited pictures to SnapChat! It’s gonna be a very famous feature especially since It’s got a lot of features to offer that Snapchat users will love to bring into the Snapchat world once they share it from FunkyEdits. You can now draw on your picture in five very popular colours that most users will love. you can select from fifteen more additional filers to choose from on top of the other filters from the previous version giving a total of twenty five free filters to select from. Their are ten brand new frames added into the scroll view that you may choose of your choice when editing your image. On top of all that you can choose if you want to over lay your image with frames or not. from the keyboard tool bar view you can type your text pinch and drag onto the screen minimizing and maximizing it’s size also. icons are addable into the container view and can be dragged anywhere onto the screen. The app right now is optimized for the Iphone 5, but is available for all devices however much more features are coming your way and optimization for layout will all be troubleshooted in their next version release! Their are so many more features that this app has to offer but below we will label everything for you their! Get the app today in the app store!

FunkyEdits45iOS Simulator Screen Shot Dec 18, 2014, 1.44.04 AM

FunkyEdits allows you to take photos with your camera or pick them from your iPhone’s Photo Library and edit them like a Pro with its tools like Adjustment and Filters.
You can choose between different frames and add a caption to your pictures, then share them to Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Mail or Message.

New Features –

* Now compatible with the iPad making the App universal for all devices!
* New KeyBoard with cool functions and Text, pinch to resize, and drag around the screen.
* 14 cool new Filters available!
* 10 cool new Frames available!
* You can share your FunkyEdits on SnapChat now and other Social utilities!
* You can now change the background colour of the screen on the Editing View which is pretty neat!
* A total makeover redesign!
* Ability to Draw on your photos in colour while Editing!