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Keek Net Worth

Net Worth: $20 Million (should be valued at $1 Billion +) Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote KEK this time.

About Keek

Keek is a free online social video networking service that allows its users to upload video status updates called “Keeks” with a net worth of $20 Million which the company should be valued at $1 Billion plus considering that the company is undervalued. With 74 million users keek is a super popular social networking service available in IOS, Android and Windows Phone. Users can post keeks to the Keek website using a webcam or via the Keek mobile apps for iPhone, Windows PhoneBlackBerry, or Android. Users can also reply back with text or video comments, known as “keekbacks”, and share content to other major social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There is also an embed option so users can embed their keeks into a blog or website and there is API availability as well. Keek can be described as the “Twitter for video” or even the “Instagram for video” and a “micro version of YouTube“. More than 20% of Keeks users are active and should be valued at anywhere between $25 – $50 a user. Other than what they are priced out at on the stock exchange, Keek is super undervalued for what they are valued at and their market value should be worth more than what looks to be unrealistic and ridiculous. Keek has developed a separate app called Keek for Messenger as part of the launch which was announced at F8, Facebook’s global developer conference held in San Francisco. Keek Inc. was among the first 40 apps to launch in the new platform announced by chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. It is only a matter of time that Mark Zuckerberg jumps on the idea to make an acquisition buyout on Keek for Billions. Keek has also made many partnerships including a partnership with personas, the world’s first free Entertainment Social network. Personas has innovated proprietary technology that offers members free content without disruptive pre roll ads. Personas is the world’s first purpose built “Social Commerce Network” with a proprietary platform that provides game changing interactive experiences to all its members. Keeks Board of Directors approved a non-brokered private placement of units to raise gross proceeds of up to $1,150,000. Encouraging the partnership will lead Keek to increase their revenue stream and increase user net worth.

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