Marco Muzzo Net Worth

Net Worth: $1.77 Billion
About Marco Muzzo

Marco Muzzo was a construction mogul, investor, and legendary developer with a net worth of $1.77 Billion. Marco Muzzo was the founder of one of Canada’s largest Drywall Contractors Marel which also competed heavily against Drywall Contractor Macon Contractors at the time now known today as New Generation Group and Torino Drywall Contractors founded by legendary construction moguls, investors and developers Leo Rinomato and Tony Rinomato. Together him and his brother Elio founded the conglomerate. The company’s name combines the first letters of the brothers’ names — “Mar” and “El.”  to form Marel. The empire today employs 3,500 people a jaw dropping number and has built a reputation on its founding’s. Marco Muzzo and his brother Elio over 50 years ago have built on a platform that would drive their name all over the greater Toronto area expanding into Ottawa, Calgary and southwestern Ontario. Developing on Canadian soil, Marco Muzzo and Elio Muzzo quickly grew their Development company into a development giant that would possess one of the largest family fortunes Canada has ever seen. The brothers would then later form a triumvirate with elite influential families in the industry that would dominate development in Toronto’s suburbs in the early 1970s, before some of these areas had even established major sewer systems, they began buying up thousands of acres of prime land. They could see future potential there, and they had the resources and commitment to plan their masterpieces in advance. Marco Muzzo and Elio Muzzo were certainly legendary developers of their time as well as other big names in the developing and contracting sectors of the industry. Today Alex Muzzo is Chairman and CEO of the corporation, Eliot Muzzo Chairs as Vice President of the conglomerate and Marco Muzzo Jr. Chairs the Board.

The family also owns Pemberton Group, one of Toronto’s biggest development companies, which has been in business for 50 years and builds condominiums and commercial properties in the GTA. They also hold interests in other companies as investors in mainly the construction industries and some others.