Mattamy Homes Net Worth


Net Worth: $8 Billion

About Mattamy Homes

Mattamy Homes is a Canadian home builder with an estimated net worth of $8 Billion. The company was founded in Toronto by Peter Gilgan in 1978. Mattamy Homes is one of the largest privately owned building companies in North America, Mattamy Homes is Canada’s largest residential home builder and top-25 builder in the United States. The company heavily develops in Ontario, mainly Toronto and surrounding areas throughout the GTA and in Vaughan. Mattamy has recently taken part in condo development as the market heads towards that area resultantly since real estate market prices are sky high for new buyers to purchase a single home. Mattamy Homes involvement in philanthropy is impactful for donating millions of dollars to foundations and also donating land towards development towards training complex’s for major sports teams in the United States. 

The company was scrutinized for A number of employees that worked for one of Canada’s leading drywall companies Nelmar Drywall, who have been fired after video has emerged and articles from all major canadian news outlets including CBC which appears to show construction workers at a job site partying, at times drinking vodka. Nelmar and Mattamy Homes both were unaware of the event and are taking measures to correct these issues by reinforcing with all their trade partners and employees with zero-tolerance policies and clear expectations regarding workplace code of conduct as well as strict COVID-19 protocols.