Nintendo will announce part of its 2024 Switch lineup later this week

Nintendo’s logo
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

This year’s first Direct will take place Wednesday morning at 9AM ET, and, according to Nintendo, the 25-minute presentation will feature Switch games “coming in the first half of 2024 from our publishing and development partners.”

We didn’t need to consult the video game oracles to know a Nintendo Direct was on the way. Not only have Microsoft and PlayStation shared their upcoming release schedules, but taking a look at the dates of the last handful of Directs revealed that Nintendo is fond of the first week of February.

After weeks of speculation and back and forth, including a dataminer report that all but confirmed the rumors, this Direct might be the time when Tango Gameworks announces that Hi-Fi Rush will make its Switch debut, especially given that Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that four Xbox-exclusive games will come to other platforms like the Switch and PS5.

In the “highly unlikely but hope springs eternal” category of possible announcements, we’ll note it’s been five years since Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4 was being rebooted and shunted over to Retro Studios — the same studio that worked on Primes 1-3.

It’s actually been seven years total since Nintendo announced that Metroid Prime 4 was in development, but let’s not think about that too hard. Maybe we’ll get some movement on that front, or maybe Nintendo’s holding on to it in preparation for the inevitable Switch 2 announcement.

You can catch Nintendo’s February Direct on January 21st, at 9AM ET.

Source: The Verge Nintendo will announce part of its 2024 Switch lineup later this week