Noel Biderman Net Worth

Noel Biderman Net Worth Net Worth: $100 Million
About Noel Biderman

Noel Biderman is an American Internet entrepreneur who has a net worth of $100 million. He is the Founder and CEO of the controversial online dating website Ashley Madison, he has largely amassed his net worth through his infamous website which is designed to facilitate extra-marital affairs. In addition to being the site’s chief executive officer, he also serves as the site’s public face and as a kind of spokesman – not an easy job if you consider the site’s controversial nature. Some of the slogans for the Ashley Madison website include “This couple is married…but not to each other” and “Life is short. Have an affair.” As for Biderman’s own marriage, he claims not to engage in any extramarital affairs, and he and his wife have two children. When asked by an interviewer how he would react if he found his wife on the Ashley Madison, Biderman said he would be “devastated.” However, this didn’t stop him from designing his website and its infamous advertising campaign to appeal specifically to women, rather than men. The reasoning behind this move was that men already make ample use of the myriad anonymous dating sites on the internet, and it was Ashley Madison’s job to cater to women seeking an adulterous affair.