Now 1Password remembers sites that use third-party accounts like Google or Facebook to log in

Screenshot of 1Password storing all third-party login credentials used to sign in to various apps and sites.
Image: 1Password

Password management provider 1Password just launched its new “sign-in with” feature that automatically saves and fills logins using third-party credentials. 1Password thus is now able to give customers an option to sign in to sites or apps that require, say, their Google, Apple, GitHub, or Facebook credentials with just one click.

Now, users don’t need to remember which provider they used for this specific service since 1Password can do it for them.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to sign in to Spotify, but you can’t remember if you usually sign in with your Gmail, Apple, or Facebook accounts. A 1Password pop-up will inform you which provider it’s linked to and ask whether you’d like to click to sign in with your stored login credentials.

The feature was announced over the summer and has been in beta testing for the last few months.

The news comes just a few weeks after 1Password also announced it will make passkey support available to customers early next year.

Together, the features focus on how 1Password can be useful for accounts that, going forward, will be less likely to use passwords at all. For passkeys, 1Password claims its Universal Sign On implementation will be superior to others by supporting multiple platforms and cross-platform syncing when it launches next year.

1Password now remembers which third-party provider your Spotify account is linked to.

For now, 1Password can save login credentials for multiple accounts with the same provider that are linked to the same app. For example, you can choose which Gmail account you’d like to sign in to Zoom with, even if you’ve linked it to multiple email addresses.

Image: 1Password
1Password will remember if multiple accounts from the same provider are linked to a site or app and autofill that information.

“While single sign-on is helpful in reducing the number of passwords needed, it’s still a hassle for people to keep tabs on which third-party provider was used,” said Steve Won, chief product officer at 1Password. “Our new browser extension feature alleviates this by allowing users to sign in to their favorite apps and websites with one click.”

The new feature is available to customers subscribed to Individual and Family plans as well as 1Password Teams and Enterprise. At launch, it works on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge browsers.

Source: The Verge Now 1Password remembers sites that use third-party accounts like Google or Facebook to log in