Orlando Corporation Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Billion





Type Privately Held Corporation
Industry Real Estate, Construction
website https://www.orlandocorp.com

About Orlando Corporation

Orlando Corporation is a real estate, asset management, construction development company with an estimated net worth of $10 Billion. Since its founding’s the mammoth real estate asset management construction development firm has amassed 43 million square feet of commercial real estate in Mississauga and throughout Ontario. In real time price data as of August 21, 2022 real estate renting costs are between $6 and $27 per square foot, in higher more valuable areas in Toronto or outside the city for instance in Woodbridge high end commercial real estate can range up to $35 per square feet in real estate. With 43 million square feet at hand and a medium calculation at $17.00 per square feet the company generates $731,000,000.00 per month. The company is in the hands of Carlo Fidani who Chairs the mammoth company.