PhotoSpotLand Wants To Help You Take Better Photos

By Frederic Lardinois


Source:: Techcrunch

Our smartphones now all us to take more photos than ever before, but even as those cameras get better, they still don’t allow you to take DSLR-quality images. For that, you still need big sensors and the right kind of lens for the right kind of situation. PhotoSpotLand is a new service for those of us who still like to travel with “real” cameras in order to take images that a smartphone just can’t handle. It’s a mix between a travel site and photographer community, with a strong focus on helping you become a better photographer.

Instead of being about sharing photos, PhotoSpotLand founder and CEO Mario Bucolo told me at Disrupt Europe in London last week, it’s about “offering you the best shared experience in travel photography.”

At its most basic, you can use the service to find great spots to take images. For that, you can either use the website or the company’s recently updated mobile app. What’s different about PhotoSpotLand compared to a photo-sharing service is that it show you everything about the kind of equipment others used in this spot to take a certain photo and other photographers can share tips about the location, too (best time to take an image, whether you’ll need a tripod, etc.).

The other aspect is that PhotoSpotLand also tries to help you meet up with other photographers while you are traveling. That part of the service, however, will only really come into play once PhotoSpotLand launches its mobile app in the coming weeks (it’s only available in a private beta right now).

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