Republicans gaining momentum in race for control of Senate

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has worked to reassure fellow Democrats during the August recess that his party would not lose control of the Senate if the election were held now.

“They’d have to pick up six seats, it’d be very, very hard for them to do that,” Reid told Reno’s KTVN earlier this month.

However, the election is still 10 weeks from Tuesday, and Democrats who once felt the party would retain their majority are now worried the GOP’s momentum could cost them even more than the six seats necessary for Republicans to retake control.

“We all thought four were in the bag [for Republicans],” Democratic campaign strategist Joe Trippi said. “But right now, it’s looking like the bottom end of that scale isn’t four anymore, it’s five or six. And that means the entire Senate majority is on the bubble.”

Democrats aren’t sitting back either. They are targeting the red states of Kentucky and Georgia, though recent polling has Republicans leading both races.

Republicans gaining momentum in race for control of Senate | Fox News.

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