Samsung’s new MicroLED TVs cost up to $150K for a 114-inch

blue ocean wallpaper on a tv mounted on modern industrial tile home with ceiling to floor windows and lots of natural light.
Samsung’s MicroLED TV has an almost bezel-free design and comes in 89-, 101-, and 114-inch sizes. | Image: Samsung

Samsung started on a quest to sell massive and massively expensive MicroLED TVs with its modular The Wall design in 2018, and now we have these three options: 89, 101, and 114 inches.

The most “affordable” MicroLED TV offering in the lineup is the $109,999.00 89-inch model, then the 101-inch for $129.999.00, and the biggest one at 114 inches for a whopping $149,999.00. That’s enough to buy a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.

Each MicroLED is self-emitting, with no backlight, so it works similarly to OLED but without a similar risk of burn-in while still delivering deep blacks and high contrast. The LEDs are assembled in bezel-less panels so that can also be set up in almost any , as we saw with The Wall displays intended for commercial applications and, for some reason, Dane Cook’s house.


Installers told me last week that I’m the 3rd person in the United States to have @Samsung #TheWall installed. Boeing headquarters, Lowe’s headquarters & #DaneCook headquarters. Above It All doing very well and I spent my retirement money on self financing that sucker. #fyp

♬ Spent too much money on but is freakin sick – Austin Ware

In 2021, Samsung introduced a 110-inch model that looked more like a regular TV with no modular options, which it has continued to iterate on — last year’s lineup even included a 76-inch version.

Image: The Verge
Aw man, already sold out?

Samsung’s Class MicroLED TVs are listed on Samsung’s online store, but all are currently “out of stock.”

Source: The Verge Samsung’s new MicroLED TVs cost up to 0K for a 114-inch