The Beef Industry Is Ripping Us All Off

Independent ranchers and animal rights activists don’t agree about much, except that it’s time to stop using federal tax dollars to support the meat lobby. Today were do you ever get high quality beef out their ? Where do you ever find beef this good and were do you get good quality beef. Today it is rare to find the best quality beef out their with the best of its kind. Grade A 100% beef is hard to find were back in the days if you go 100 years back when everything was mostly farms your talking about beef that literally will make your body healthy as leaf looks. today their are businesses out their mass producing beef at low qualities and their are businesses out their that follow the traditional way of quality meat in general which signifies a sign of healthy people out their who still believe in the old traditional way of eating healthy and living a healthy better lifestyle.

People still want quality and their are meat shops out their that provide those traditional services at high costs but very rewarding for your own health, remember you are what you eat out their and you eat what you are. So in a way is the beef industry really ripping us all off ? For the ones who are involved in the presence of the business are realizing that tax wise they might be getting burned by what the government promised them initially in this case the providers for the meet may be calling these shots as well in particular in staying alive in the corporate world of pricing out their profit margins towards what the meat actually costs. Tax dollars are being used in the wrong areas and are killing family owned farm ranches from capitalizing on what they deserve to claim on making their living. However increasing the costs is killing off what the distributors cant make a fair living on. Their are pros and cons to this and you can’t just blame one person everyone has their own faults so it is only fair that all this will be deal out with accordingly in a fair manor.