The next Baldur’s Gate 3 patch will finally let you change your appearance

Image: Larian Studios

The next Baldur’s Gate 3 patch (launching tomorrow) is adding the No. 1 thing players have been asking for: a barbershop. Starting tomorrow, the Magic Mirror will be added with Patch 3, which will give players the ability to change the appearance of their characters.


I really love my Tav. I think she’s hot. And I really appreciate that while she has the appearance of a Tiefling — a race of humanoids infernally cursed to look like devils — she still looks like me; like there’s an Africa somewhere in Avernus. But while I am much enamored of my Tav, I’m not so keen on her hair anymore and haven’t been for about 150 hours now. The ability to change up her style is something I’ve been desperately wanting for a while now, and a lot of other BG3 players have been asking after this feature as well.

According to Larian Studios, the Magic Mirror won’t let you have complete and full control over the changes you can make to your Tavs. You won’t be able to change their race or body type, but you will be able to change everything else, like appearance, pronouns, and voice. Origin characters (Astarion et al.) are also not able to be changed, which is good, actually. While I’d love to have the opportunity to play in my bear boyfriend’s hair, some of y’all are not to be trusted with altering characters’ appearances, so leaving everybody else locked in is perfectly fine by me.

We don’t know the finer details of what’s changing in the next patch, but we do know that in addition to Magic Mirror, Patch 3 will also add another long-awaited feature: Mac support. If you’re an early-access Mac player and finally ready to play the full release, here’s a guide that’ll have you ready to go when Patch 3 goes live tomorrow, September 22nd.

Source: The Verge The next Baldur’s Gate 3 patch will finally let you change your appearance