The Nintendo Museum will be finished by March

Rendered image of the Nintendo Museum buildings with tour buses and an open, park-like entrance.
Nintendo Museum rendering | Image: Nintendo

During its September Direct event, Nintendo announced progress on plans to convert its old Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant in Kyoto, Japan, into a gallery displaying its various products. Dubbed the Nintendo Museum, the site is under construction and on track to finish by March 2024. However, an exact opening date hasn’t been announced yet.

Other than the concept rendering from its original announcement in 2021, Nintendo showed off an iconic question block that’s painted on the building’s roof, and from the air, you can get an idea of how it will line up with the planned design, at least from the outside.

Aerial picture of the Nintendo Museum construction site, showing a building with one of the “question” blocks from Mario on the roof.
Image: Nintendo
Nintendo Museum shown from the air.

As far as what’s inside, we’ll have to wait until closer to its opening to find out more, but after the suppers of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, opening theme parks in Japan and the US, and another Nintendo Live event in Seattle earlier this month, the company is close to adding another way to connect in person with fans of its games.

Source: The Verge The Nintendo Museum will be finished by March