The Verge’s 2022 holiday gift guide for travelers

Photography by Joel Goldberg for The Verge

Taking a trip can prove challenging, even without a pandemic. Thankfully, we’ve found some great gifts to make jet-setting a little more enjoyable.

Thanks to vaccines and a waning pandemic, travel is officially back on the menu. Eager to make up for more than two years of lost time, many have booked flights to locales near and far, crowding airports during the summer and kicking off the travel season proper. As we head into the holidays, it’s likely that trend will continue — and that somebody you know will be one of those eager jet-setters hellbent on taking a holiday. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to gift your friend or family members something they’ll find helpful as they venture abroad.

To help you find the right present, we’ve come up with a number of ideas that should appeal to travelers of all backgrounds. We’ve included tech to keep your giftee entertained during marathon flights, like the Kindle Paperwhite ($95), as well as a number of more practical gifts, like seriously comfortable shoes ($110) and a universal adapter ($23) that will allow them to quickly charge their devices in more than 150 countries.

And don’t worry: we’ve also put together a variety of stocking stuffers and a selection of gifts catered to all kinds of budgets. So if you can’t afford a Nintendo’s $300 handheld or a luxe pair of noise-canceling headphones ($348), we still got you covered.

Source: The Verge The Verge’s 2022 holiday gift guide for travelers

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