Tinder is making it harder to get a blue verification checkmark

Mobile screenshots showing the process of adding your ID to Tinder
Image: Tinder

In an effort to better combat catfishing, Tinder is adding an extra step to its verification process. Instead of just taking a video selfie to get a blue verification checkmark, you’ll soon need to upload a photo of your driver’s license or passport.

Once you upload your ID, Tinder will check to see whether the picture on your ID lines up with your video selfie and the photos on your profile. Tinder will also look at the date of birth listed on your driver’s license or passport to confirm your age. It’s not clear whether Tinder will accept other forms of ID, but The Verge reached out to Tinder with a request for more information.

You can still verify your profile by taking a video selfie, but your profile will only receive a blue camera icon badge — not a blue checkmark. You’ll need to take a video selfie and upload your ID to get the checkmark. Tinder started testing its new double-layer verification process in Australia and New Zealand last year. It plans on rolling it out in the US and Mexico by summer, while the UK and Brazil should get it by spring.

Tinder first launched its verification process in 2020, and up until last year, it only required that you take a real-time selfie to confirm that you are who you say you are. However, Tinder replaced this process with video verification last year, which requires you to take video selfies to prove you’re real. Adding an ID requirement should at least make users feel more confident that their verified match isn’t trying to catfish them.

Source: The Verge Tinder is making it harder to get a blue verification checkmark