wanip.me Finds your IP address easily and accurately

A one page website service that is all about finding your IP address wherever you are in the world. On your desktop, on your mobile phone or tablet this new service in one shot finds your Internet Protocol without having to hit a button. Once you go to the site the service automatically finds your IP address and the numbers are shown directly onto the screen. For example,” Your Wide Area Network IP Address (Router IP) is:” and your IP number will show in large font right below the text. It’s and impressive and very basic, clean, fast service that everyone can benefit from. The benefits of this tool can be used if you own a website and your back end has really tight security that sometimes it even locks you out of your own computer. This is good when you need to find out your IP for your own purposes however Learning your own IP address is crucial for online gaming, tech support, using remote desktop connections, detecting proxies or even running an email server. Wanip.me is faster then any other service out their with the most provided accurate results that locates your computer destination and its Protocol in the very same place successfully. We went on Wanip.me and the page load time was incredibly fast it loaded faster then wi-fi could and before we knew it the numbers were already their telling us our exact IP address without any issues. This is an incredible service and if you ever need to know your IP you know the place to go to. We couldn’t get over the fact that this site only has one page. Everything is on this one page clean and simple but most of these related sites have many were this site only has its magic presented on one page which is quite innovative for a service this competitive. It’s not a complicated site its to the point and very straight forward for the kind of service it offers. More sites like these are complicated and throw things at you that you don’t care about at this point when you just want to find out your IP at this point, that’s why Wanip.me has a competitive advantage over it’s competitors in the market for this service because it doesn’t offer any other services but just this one. Their slogan says it all,

“Find your IP address easily and accurately from anywhere at anytime. WanIP.me “

It’s just an incredible site and you should go and try it out just for fun, or if you really need to for other reasons relating to your business or anything else this service proves it’s point and its to the point which is why we love Wanip.me