Will Bill Gates ever surpass what he was worth in 1999?

Bill Gates currently is worth $79.4 billion and is currently the richest man in the world. Bill Gates in modern day society will go down in history in the historical figures list as on one of the wealthiest figures in history having surpassed over $100 Billion in 1999. But that’s our heading and our question. Will Gates surpass what he was worth in 1999? It can be quite possible and if he does over time he would have accumulated at least $200 billion. That’s more than enough to be placed on the ten wealthiest figures of all time. And don’t forget folks that’s singular, Bill Gates has amassed his fortune singularly and one of the largest fortunes singularly. Other than Microsoft gates got involved in many other ventures he invested in and came out successful with all of his investments vested into his favourite ventures. His main pick’s were CN railway which he bought a major share in and Gates currently holds overall 19 stocks in his portfolio, with a total value of $19.99 billion and a quarter over quarter turnover rate of 4%. His largest holding is Berkshire Hathaway Inc which trades on the market as stock symbol (BRK.B), which consists of 53.2% of his overall portfolio. Gates currently owns 83,625,314 shares and 3.58% of the company’s shares outstanding. From the Technology industry as a technology entrepreneur to a business magnate billionaire investor Bill Gates is a well diversified man with many talents bringing Canadian Railway to billionaire investor warren buffett who charlie munger and buffett heavily credit Gates for as a smart investment opportunity and a profitable one. Gates also founded a holding and investment company called Cascade Investments which is in the investment and conglomerate industry that invests in companies in many different industries. So will Gates be considered the next Warren Buffett and will he be up there with historical wealthy figures like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and John D Rockefeller ?  It may be quite possible with all the right moves he is making. He is only $30 Billion away from making the right moves to surpass and break that record for the first time including breaking the $100 billion record for the second time in his lifetime which very few legendary industrialists have accomplished within the 1%.

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