Zynga needs to step up

With their successes in Farmville and Farmville 2 Zynga unfortunately is losing interest in users. But can it also be that it’s because of Facebook’s and Twitter’s slow down in user growth? Well everything effects businesses in every way so you would have to factor everything into that. The main thing here is traffic. Traffic equals interest. Returning visitors equals sales and a great bounce rate. If Zynga can bring their bounce rate to under 40% and get the daily time average to jump to 10 minutes they will be laughing all the way to the bank with just monetizing from their website alone. Their front end page looks amazing, however playing games on their website needs to be improved on dramatically. The design layout needs a total revamp. You might think we are crazy here but design sells on first impression which can make wonders happen. Think of it as a guy lying to a beautiful girl selling her BS. At one point shes gonna give into his BS right? exactly most of the time that trick works with women especially the ones who think they are strong when they least suspect it however not the guy’s fault, “anything to make a deal” do you follow. But this is not BS however this is business and with business comes impression and with impression comes interest and with interest comes popularity and with popularity comes money and with money comes power. Zynga needs to focus on their website first to make it more appealing and they also need to develop more attractive games to boast users. Popular apps right now are messaging, photo editing applications, and action games not games in general. Zynga could of still been a top contender if they improved on their business model instead of sticking to Farmville. Draw something is what made Zynga so popular when it came out that everybody was using it. They need to build something that is gonna encourage user growth to grow viral without even having to spend a dollar on advertising. They got the cash to build a super game and offer it everywhere without having to spend money on advertising. Their plans should be focused on that. their plans should be focused on the facts that they are not loosing but gaining from this approach. Zynga is not here to loose in all this, we are sure that user growth is still attainable. It shouldn’t be so hard they already are a house hold name to get it all back. Zynga needs to step up and capture the crown again from their competitor. All they need is one big hit and more games in the mix of it and they will be set, plus once they make more money they should develop more games for it’s users to keep them returning for more. They should also survey their users in their apps about changes for the future of gaming and what next games they should create. Since this past January Zynga placed on the Alex in the 2,000th spot, Zynga is now the 3,000th most visited website in the world according to Alexa. They have declined by a lot since the past year. We all hope they have good plans for Christmas and for next year.

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