ISFeed is a news media site aiming to select stories specifically for the Internet audience such as World news, Politics, and Humor.

About Us

ISFeed is about delivering the data you search for and selecting stories specifically for the Internet audience. With a beautiful front end design, ISFeed is designed with an easy to read driven front page that you will love. We are aiming to select stories specifically for the Internet audience such as World news, Politics, Humor, and deliver you with the best in class business data. ISFeed is the world’s most talked about website when it comes down to news and data on the internet. ISFeed is an aggregator that pulls the latest news from all the leading media outlets and distributes that news on its website. We presentably display this information with a clean user interface that everyone will enjoy. To achieve the summarization of news and to credit the source tremendously, there are many other internet audiences that this news property caters to now. With a whole new section relating to businesses, executive leaders, government leaders, music stars, and Hollywood stars we introduce to you our Net Worth section on ISFeed. This section is evaluating the most richest of the richest in the world to the least of the richest individuals and empires out there. We also are very proud to introduce to you our newest section called the World’s Richest. The World’s Richest section is a real time listing of the richest people who are historical and are currently living today. Historical figures net worth’s are measured by CPI adjusted in today’s dollars and current people’s net worth’s are calculated by taking their total assets minus their liabilities to give real time estimates of their current net worth. Since the very beginning when this section was launched it has been gaining popularity ever since and many people who are searching for information relating to this niche find it interesting.

This website is growing with great readers from all over, and will continue to lead as the greatest news and informational website out there. ISFeed is the world’s leading source for stories, celebrities, money, global events, society, pop culture, sports and everything else.

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