Toronto restaurant makes push for red zone to have 'a fighting chance'

As Toronto enters the grey-lockdown zone of the province’s reopening framework on Monday and retail stores prepare to reopen for the first time in months, some businesses, including restaurants, will continue to have their doors closed. It has prompted one Toronto owner to write an open letter to the province, asking Premier Doug Ford to allow restaurants and bars in the city to reopen for outdoor and indoor dining. Source: CP24 Continue reading Toronto restaurant makes push for red zone to have 'a fighting chance'

Gillmor Gang: Win Win

Just finished a Twitter Spaces session. It is an engaging platform, somewhat clunky in feature set but easily a tie overall with Clubhouse. I don’t see this as a horse race, however, more as cooperating teams fleshing out a platform where both will be major players. Like notifications in iOS and Android, the feature set is a push and pull motion where Android delivers deep functionality and Apple alternately pulls ahead and consolidates gains. Though the details can vary, the combined energy of effectively 100 percent of the consumer base mandates best practices and opportunities for innovation. Something similar is … Continue reading Gillmor Gang: Win Win

The iMac Pro is being discontinued

Chalk this up to inevitability. The iMac Pro is soon to be no more. First noted by 9to5Mac, TechCrunch has since confirmed with Apple that the company will stop selling the all-in-one once the current stock is depleted. One configuration of the desktop is still available through Apple’s site, listed as “While Supplies Last” and priced at $5,000. Some other versions can also still be found from third-party retailers, as well, if you’re so inclined. The space gray version of the popular system was initially introduced in 2017, ahead of the company’s long-awaited revamp of the Mac Pro. Matthew called … Continue reading The iMac Pro is being discontinued