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We are a technology company in the internet industry that operates and owns three successful digital web and mobile websites and growing. With thousands of visit’s a month and so many engaging users, the InspiredStream Ad Network gives you the opportunity to advertise all across our websites. The results are analytically proven right here in our total round up analytic’s that our sites possess in terms of traffic. Our news property ISFeed is the most successful digital property of them all. Our set up includes a structured plan for unlimited traffic each year at a fixed price. So this means no price bidding for clicks we go beyond our ad competitors at the lowest fixed cost for unlimited traffic from all of our networks. Basically when you advertise with us you only pay a one price per year, you get unlimited traffic from your ad being clicked on from any of our sites, at a fixed price.

InspiredStream is deeply invested in digital advertising solutions that drive scale, precision and real-time results at a fixed price. We think that it’s about time fixed pricing were properly introduced.









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