Alex Haditaghi A Potential Canadian and worldwide Billionaire?

Alex Haditaghi Net Worth

Alex Haditaghi Net Worth

Net Worth : $70 Million (Estimated)

He revolutionized the mortgage industry by bringing leading-edge software and technology to the business and is on to making his third new company which he owns 41,862,800 shares of a big hit. These Numbers are from 2013, His stake although might have increased or decreased since then. With 80% control of his firm and who know’s how much of a stake he owns privately in his other two successful corporations, but ranker’s say that his Mortgage Firm grossed A revenue exceeding $57 million in 2011. But that’s revenue, what about profit’s. Well his leading edge software that he created for the industry was meant to cut down costs for overhead expenses and cut time expenditures for the companies growth success in profits.  The firm could of been like an Apple Company with 70% revenues and only 30% expenditures which is incredible. and if the firms margins were dialed in at 20% profits then your looking at  $11,400,000 after taxes. Depending on his stake in the corporation and how the private shares are structured it is not said anywhere how much his overall share is worth in the company but if we take the years of heavy revenues the companies been pushing since its profile days, your looking at an estimated $50,000,000 worth of his personal Mortgage fortune. combine that with the majority of publicly traded shares owned in his corporation and that gives you a total estimate of $24,699,052. If the stock goes up well then the amount of shares he owns will look pretty nice on paper. This is a potential billion dollar idea that can strike big worldwide. With the motivation of investors this could drive the market value and the share value right up their. But it also takes the company to turn profits in order to issue more shares and create more volume for the corporation this way. Plus don’t forget when profits drive up well then that will mean that the initial investors shares will profit from their percentage in the company. Apart from that as an individual Alex’s empire mortgage company might increase its profits thus increase his shares price in the company or the profits might decrease however with those small or large profits from his stake in the company he might use that to focus on or create another venture or invest in an existing venture and profit from that.

Hears a screen shot of Alex’s profits according to Forbes:

Alex Haditaghi


So how can we estimate this current mans net worth. We don’t have any hard accurate financials about his assets minus his liabilities but our estimates with current shareholdings provided from Forbes and hypothetical estimated stakes in his other company estimates that his net worth could possibly be worth around  $70,000,000 currently. This Canadian entrepreneur can be a potential billionaire.