Samsung leaks its new Fan Edition phone, tablet, and earbuds

samsung fan edition earbuds, S23 fan edtion phone standing up, and s23 fan edition tablet laying down with an s pen and another phone laying on its belly showing three lenses, all on a gree backdrop.
Well, that certainly looks like a new set of Fan Edition hardware. | Image: Samsung

Samsung has leaked its own latest “Fan Edition” product lineup that includes the new Galaxy Buds FE earbuds, Galaxy S23 FE smartphone, and Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet. The new products have come to light via the company’s Argentinian website, where a product page for the new earbuds has seemingly launched prematurely — and includes photos of the rest of the lineup (via SamMobile).

Another image references an October 4th date (with the clock at 12:45), which might indicate the release or announcement date for the Fan Edition lineup. The front of the Galaxy S23 FE looks similar to the S21 value flagship we reviewed early last year. There are still three lenses on the back of the new one, but it now eschews the full camera module bump and only has lens protrusions in the style of the Galaxy S23 lineup.

Image: Samsung
The new Buds FE is advertised to pump up the bass.

Image: Samsung
That date might be relevant.

It’s been a while since Samsung released a stripped-down tablet (it still sells the two-year-old Galaxy Tab S7 FE as of writing). The new S9 FE version looks closer in design to the new Tab S9 family of tablets Samsung recently launched. It seems to have multiple speakers around the edges, plus the same S Pen the S7 FE included.

As for the Galaxy Buds FE, it’s listed to feature 30 hours of battery life with the charging case, active noise canceling, and a new “one-way speaker,” aka a subwoofer. If you’re a true Fan Edition fan, you might not have to wait long to get your hands on these likely less-pricy tech offerings from Samsung.

Source: The Verge Samsung leaks its new Fan Edition phone, tablet, and earbuds