Shickedanz Family Net Worth

Current net worth

Net Worth: $1 Billion +


About Shickedanz Family

The Shickedanz Family is a construction developing, horse breeding dynasty who are also one of Canada’s largest land owners with an estimated net worth of over $1 Billion. This private family started their business in the early 1950’s providing construction renovation services for home owners in Ontario. As their business grew they started acquiring land from as little as 2 acres and developing on it. As growth continued they started purchasing ranches and farms in the north west and east of Woodbridge, Ontario. The family had a love for horse breeding and so they started to breed horses on their private farm estates becoming one of Canada’s largest and best horse breeders. They cultivated so much land amassing to thousands of acres worth of Canadian soil and you would think people knew.  They carved out Canada building thousands of units in buildings, homes, and even public places where changing landscape was everything.